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T-posts, Tension Wire & Annuals…

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Just when you think the plants are in the ground, the job is finished too, right?  Not so.  Mike and his brother Rick are out there in the heat attaching metal brackets and tension wire to the end posts so that we can raise the irrigation line up and off the ground about 3′. This will allow the emitters to drip directly over the plant, not to get clogged by the dirt (laying on the ground) and for easy access of mowing when the weeds start to appear (if they do).  I mentioned in an earlier post that I had a vision of lavendar plants at the end of each of the posts.  Well, I happenned to be at a garden center today and found Blue Salvia Splendens (some type of native sage from Brazil?). Anyhow, they fit the description I was looking for (purple, soft and feminine) and were right in my price range.  I picked up 4 out of the 38 that I will eventually need. I wanted to plant a few and see how they did before investing in the whole 38.  This is a picture I got off the internet, arent they pretty?!  I love them. I will monitor the 4 I have in the ground and if they appear to have taken off, I will purchase the remaining balance.