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A Big Day!

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Wow, the guys really worked hard yesterday!  I love this picture.  They completed 440 holes using the 2 man auger.  I’d say the heat got up to 88 or so but to them I’m sure it felt like the 100’s.  Go Juan and Joey! 

Jeff and Mike dug trenches and layed all the PVC underground.  I drove the golfcart while Jeff unravelled and layed out all of the drip line in each row from one end to the other.  Mike tightend up all of the tension wire and added stakes every other few plants or so to attach his wire to. 

Grandma’s boyfriend Don stopped by a few times to check on us.  He gave us some tips on keeping the crows away from the vineyard. 

Just before Don arrived, Wayne from UPS delivered our new arrivals, the plants!  Welcome Sangiovese and Cab to Pamo Valley Vineyards! 

Oh, as I was leaf thinning yesteray, I noticed this humongous leaf from a Primitivo plant.  Look at the size of that thing!  The Primitivo are really coming out in big numbers this year, more so than everything else.  Arent they pretty…

Injury Postpones Job (a little)

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Second day into the project and Mike injured his foot, yikes! So the second and third days were pretty much a stale mate as far as the job was concerned.I wasn’t there but apparently a large metal object fell from his truck and landed smack dab on the top of his left foot. Ouch. Poor guy! It was pretty swollen and bruised by the time I saw it.He spent a full day and a half with it elevated and iced.Yesterday (the third day) he was out on the golf cart with his foot elevated and managing Juan and Joey who lined and marked the spots where the holes were to be dug.They marked approx 450 holes.Yes, perfectly aligned!Juan and Joey returned towards the end of the day to drop off the 2 man auger for tomorrow’s (today) work.The workers they are, they couldn’t just leave it there until tomorrow (today). They wanted to get a head start and ended up digging 3 rows of holes.
Go guys! They wrapped up for the evening and headed home for a much needed rest in the morning.More on today’s progress later!

Vineyard #2 Begins ! Expansion from #1

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Yesterday began the official start date of our new vineyard expansion project!  And it just so happens to land on my late grandpa Moose’s birthday, June 21st.  He would have been 86 yesterday.  Like mom says, she feels him all around her property and now I will too.  Mike began digging the holes for the end posts yesterday as well as setting them in concrete.  I picked up about 18 bags of 60#’s which got the Southern side started.  He had his helper, Robbie, from Indiana, from across the street who is visiting his Grandma Susan and Grandpa Al.  Robbie is about 16 and really enjoyed being Mike’s runner and driving the golf cart.  When I got home from work yesterday I made a much needed trip to Hydroscape and Grangetto’s in Escondido. I usually deal with Eric from Hydroscape who is the Branch Manager.  I get along with him as he is very knowledgeable, good customer service, bright and cheery and has a vineyard planted as well.  I purchased all of the drip line, additional emitters (my dad donated several emitters – thanks Dad!), pvc, soil amendments and fertilizer from them.  Then I went just a few blocks down and visited Matthew, the manager at Grangetto’s.  He’s very helpful also. He sold me 200 additional grow tubes (several were donated by Paul Stykel and Jim Isaac who we are making wine for), tie tape and a tape tool.  I made it back to Ramona around 4pm, unloaded items to the greenhouse and helped Mike finish up with his day.  I made a comment that this time 2 years ago, we were working in 100 heat and yesterday it was only 78. It makes it a lot easier on everyone that’s for sure!  Oh, I ordered the plants yesterday. I went with Sunridge Nursery in Bakersfield, CA, this time as they had the plants we wanted.  I ordered 440 Sangiovese and 170 Cabernet Sauvignon benchgraft dormant 1 year olds.  They are due to arrive Thursday/Friday, just in time for the weekend planting!