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Owl Box

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So we recently got this new fancy smancy owl box.  I like to call it the White House for Pamo owls.  Mike put it up and it stands about 17′ high.  It’s in the middle of the established vineyard and the new vineyard.  Eventually I’ll put another owl box at the back of the new vineyard.  I dont think we’ve attracted any owls yet to the White House.  It may take a little while longer.  In the meantime, I could sure use their help managing the gophers and squirrels!

Verasion & Netting

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Exciting times are ahead!  Mid July we noticed verasion setting in. This is when the grapes start to develop their sugar levels and the skins begin to turn purple.  These are my beloved estate Primitivo grapes. On Saturday we began applying the new green netting to Serendipty Ranch/Granny’s Vineyard.  It looks like we’ll be getting a harvest from the Tempranillo this year!  And of course the Syrah.  On Sunday, Mike and I hand selected the vines at the Black Canyon Vineyard to be netted.  We will make a small batch of wine from this vineyard this year.  They are so nice and full and lush to not do anything with, plus, it makes for fun exerience!

New Vineyard – 1 month later

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These are morning shots of the new Sangiovese vineyard about a month after they were planted.