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Harvest – Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

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Today we picked our estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2010.  Once again, of course, it decided to rain (well, mist).  We took a refractometer reading prior to the rain/mist setting in.  The grapes have been on the vine for a while and were due to be picked anytime.  There was some raisin settling in and the seeds were nice and brown.  The brix came in at 24 from the reading.  We were halfway into the pick when we thought it probably wasnt a good idea to be harvesting with the wet weather. You see, we had this happen to us once before in August of 2007 with our estate Syrah vineyard on Burma Rd. Although all signs of ripeness were positive and the Brix tested at 26 the day before harvest, a freak down pour in the specific area of the vineyard the night before, and all during the picking, lowered the Brix to around 23 (unfortunately we didn’t test that morning), and generally decreased the flavors of the grapes.  So… what I did tonight was I let the Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 sit in the bins over night in the cool garage instead of crushing them right away.  Tomorrow afternoon we will crush the grapes, hoping that all the “water off a duck’s back” has settled to the bottom and we wont be affected by the rain. Finger’s crossed!  I’ll report the brix reading, I’m anxious to find out. I would be really pleased with 25!

Whatsup With This Weather?

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So after my last post, we’ve had nothing but cool, misty and even rainy weather. Complete with massive thunder and lightening storms.  BIZARRE. Really cool though, except for the drama it’s putting the grapes through.  On Sept 30th, we had a team picking Zinfandel at Chinook Cellars.  Thought since we’d be out of town that weekend we could sneak in early Thursday and get the job done.  Of course, out of no where, it rained.  It’s okay though. The grapes came in at 22 brix which we are happy with.  I’m really excited to make wine from Norm and Elaine’s Chinook Vineyard this year.  They take great pride in their vineyard and I know we will have great results from the wine!