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Visit to San Antonio Winery

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Part of our Thanksgiving visit with dad and Karen in San Dimas wound us up at a few wineries in the Rancho Cucamonga Valley. One we’ve been to a few times and who has a few locations in the LA area is San Antonio Winery.  They are a big family owned outfit and it’s always neat to see the inside of their winery, tasting room, shop, etc to get ideas!


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Our second visit was to Galleano Winery. This was our first time to this winery and we all really enjoyed it.  This is what you call a historic winery! The land to plant the grapes was purchased in 1927.  Their grapes are grown and harvested in the Rancho Cucamonga Valley.  I could not get over how affordably priced these wines were.  I loved the historic ambiance (hence all the pictures). The tasting room was tiny and the lights were dimmed.  I’d say it was about a 150 sq ft or a little more.  They had a neat window over looking the vineyards.  It was just so quant. One of my gripes about San Antonio Winery was that they served their tastings in paper dixie cups.  They said with the holiday’s they were quite busy and that was the reason for this. Still.  Anyhow, Galleano had these little glasses similar to candle votives which I thought was pretty neat and I may use that idea in our tasting room! You could tell there was alot of family history at this winery with many of the family serving tastes and talking about the winery from behind the bar. Another standout was how they sold 1 gallon jugs of wine.  This was very Italian to me, and I thought it was a classic.  Also, the wine tasting was free. You dont find that too much anymore.  I tasted the Riesling and a white blend named Candlelight White. Both very nice although the latter a little too sweet for my liking.  I also had to try the most expensive wine on the list which was $40/bottle (average price at most wineries!) and that was their Claret, a blend of Zinfandel, Cabernet and Merlot.  Quite delightful, a big, bold wine for those looking for a punch!  On the softer side, I really enjoyed there Chianti with a residual sugar of 1.5%.  This winery was selling alot wine!  Customers were walking out with cases! I can see why given they are so good and affordable.  Lastly, an elder gentleman and his wife said, “forget the wine”, “you have got to try the three generations port”!  This was not on the tasting menu but the gentleman behind the bar was glad to give me a taste.  I thought it was quite nice, more on the brandy side.  I wish I could give more of a description but it wasnt listed on their menu and I’ve even gone to the website to try to find it but their site is “Under Construction”.  Regardless, this is definitely a winery I’d recommend anyone in the area to visit!

2010 Best Winery!

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Pamo Valley Winery won the Best Winery 2010 from Ramona Sentinel’s readers poll!  See our ad in the November 18, 2010 edition of the Ramona Sentinel newspaper!  Thank you for voting us Best Winery in 2008 and 2010!  We look forward to sharing our wines with you next year when we open our doors to the public!

Mahogany Mountain Opens Tasting Room!

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The first tasting room to open in the Ramona Valley in the last FIFTEEN YEARS opens its doors for business! Our friends, Mike and Kim Hargett of Mahogany Mountain Vineyards & Winery will open Saturday, November 13th and Sunday, November 14th and every weekend thereafter from 11:00am – 5:00pm.  Stop by and pay them a visit and try what Ramona Valley has to offer!  We encourage you to tell your friends, who will tell their friends and eventually the Ramona Wine Community will grow as a whole.  Visit Mahgoanys blogpost for more exciting information and pictures of their grand opening:

Mahogany Mountain Vineyard and Winery

14905 Mussey Grade Road

Ramona, CA 92065