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Guests receive a special treat!

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Shahala and Rob from San Diego received a special treat while visiting our tasting room.  We had an unannounced Violinist by the name of Celia Lawley from Lake Henshaw stop in to offer us a taste of her talent.  While just a sample, what an amazing show this young lady performed!  Not only is she passionate about playing her instruments but theatrical and so engaging.  Such a pleasure to listen to and watch.  Her soul really escapes through her music. Learn more about Celia at her website!

Later we had two twin sisters Tracy and Stacy stop by. Tracy is a local Ramonan and brought her sister by who was visiting from St. Louis, MO. Also in this picture is Janet from Julian and Shahala from San Diego.  The ladies shared in a toast as they cheered a joyous afternoon of wine tasting.

Wine tasting and pairing on the golf course!

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The San Vicente Inn in Ramona invited Pamo Valley and Edwards Cellars to attend and pour wines for guests of their sold out event on July 13th 2011.  President of the RVVA, John York was the MC of the evening. He talked about local wines and pairing with the amazing food provided by the Inn’s restaurant the Oaks Grille.  The event was appropriately themed “Wine Tasting Under the Full Moon”.  A saxophonist was also on hand to add to festivities of the evening. Pictured: Jennifer Jenkin and Mike Celaya of Pamo Valley Winery, Ramona.

Chamber’s EDC Visits Pamo!

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Today we had a nice group visit the tasting room.  Elaine Lyttleton arranged a tour to some of the Ramona wine tasting rooms where by members of the Ramona Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Committee were able to get a first hand look at the tasting rooms opening all over our small town.  In addition, they had the opportunity to taste wines from their very own soils.  Snacks and a light lunch were offered by the tour leader, Elaine, during their travels.  We’ll count on this group to help us spread the word to their peers and local organizations.  Thank you all for the visit!  The group included, Elaine Lyttleton, Bob and Pat Haley, Charlie and Sandy Teichert, Dave and Barbara Worden and Carol Fowler.

Here come the grapes, and birds?

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Wow, the grapes are really taking shape this time of year.  This will be the 3rd year for this block of the vineyard.  We’re going to have a great crop!  We’ve just finished our hedging and halfway through our leaf thinning chores in the vineyard.  Verasion will be setting in a month or so.  Time to get the netting out to keep the birds and squirrels out.  Speaking of birds, check out what I found, not once but twice!  Some sweet mama birds and taking refuge in our grapes and laying nests.  I hope these eggs have not been abandoned.  I showed the pics of the nests to a friend and they said, “wait, aren’t birds your nemesis?”.  He was right!  Guess I just don’t have it in me to move the nests elsewhere.  I will have to make sure they are gone before the netting though.

Aloha Hawaii, here comes Pamo Valley!

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So this is a happy yet sad post for me.  Our newest member of the PVW team (all of 4 months new!), our tasting specialist, has taken a new path in her life and will be leaving us to venture to Honolulu, Hawaii.  Dawna and her husband Adam have taken a new position in their career that leads them to this beautiful place on earth.  Do you blame them?  Adam is already in Hawaii and Dawna is tying up a few loose ends before her departure.  One of her loose ends was saying goodbye to her friends at PVW.  Mike and I spent the evening wine tasting, sushi eating, pool playing and celebrating with cocktails last night enjoying our last moments with Dawna.  This is one of those friendships where you develop a true, deep connection with someone so quickly and immediately you feel as if they are your best friend.  Dawna has agreed to stay on with us as our tasting specialist and will represent Pamo Valley wines in her new neighborhood, Honolulu!  We joked over drinks last night and tossed around the possibility of opening a PVW branch there.  Dawna agrees there is a  market for good wines in Hawaii.  If we are lucky, we’ll be seeing Dawna (and Adam?)  at our upcoming Annual Grape Stomp Festa in Julian at Menghini Winery the first week of September!  See, they miss San Diego already!  Cheers to Dawna and Adam and their new opportunity – All the best to you both!  We’ll miss you but will never lose touch!   Hugs, Jenn and Mike