Pamo Valley Vineyards

About Us

Pamo Valley Winery is a small family-operated winery, founded as a vineyard by Bill Jenkin in 2000. With little more than a remarkable vision and a powerful drive to succeed, Pamo Valley expanded to include winery operations in 2004 with the help of Jennifer Lane. From the beginning, Pamo Valley has always been forward-focused and committed to providing its customers with the highest quality, best value, and award-winning wines.

jenninvineyard042311.jpgIn March 2007, Bill ventured to Prosser, Washington to establish his own winery, Prosser Vineyard & Winery. Jennifer took over the operations as sole owner of Pamo Valley Winery making her the only Women-Owned Winery in San Diego County. Our winery has a strong female influence which is reflected in each individual hand crafted wine. We like to think of each of our wines as a piece of art. They all have their own unique traits and personalities as well as a story of their own.

Jennifer enjoys walking through vineyards, meeting with people, asking questions, overcoming challenges, visiting customers, and seeing the commitment of all of us to grow, produce, and market the highest quality wines in San Diego.

Jennifer believes strongly in the power of family-owned businesses. The continued support of family and friends in the vineyard and winery has made Pamo Valley the success and well-known San Diego County winery that it is today.

In addition to making wine with our own grapes and in order to sustain our inventory, we also purchase grapes from local growers and keep close track of them. We actually imprint on the bottle’s label from which vineyard the grapes came. The photo “wine glass and sunset” taken by Jennifer, which overlooks the vineyard and Pamo Valley, is the inspiration of Pamo Valley’s wine label.

In 2004, Jennifer moved to Ramona after living in Melbourne, Australia for six years to be near her family. She is quite active in Ramona’s community affairs and enjoys the rural character that Ramona offers. Jennifer stays busy with her wine activities and charitable events.
The property’s residents as well as two feisty chihuahua’s, Roxy and Teacup and several owls occupy the vineyard doing their job in keeping the small critters out of the vineyard.

When you find something you love to do, it elevates you to where you are supposed to be.


Jason and Jennifer Lane, married April 8, 2013, and happily brought their new baby girl Ella Mae into the world on May 7, 2013. Here they are pictured in the family’s estate vineyard at Serendipity Ranch.PHOTO BY: LEZLEY KNOTT