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Chamber’s EDC Visits Pamo!

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Today we had a nice group visit the tasting room.  Elaine Lyttleton arranged a tour to some of the Ramona wine tasting rooms where by members of the Ramona Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Committee were able to get a first hand look at the tasting rooms opening all over our small town.  In addition, they had the opportunity to taste wines from their very own soils.  Snacks and a light lunch were offered by the tour leader, Elaine, during their travels.  We’ll count on this group to help us spread the word to their peers and local organizations.  Thank you all for the visit!  The group included, Elaine Lyttleton, Bob and Pat Haley, Charlie and Sandy Teichert, Dave and Barbara Worden and Carol Fowler.

Here come the grapes, and birds?

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Wow, the grapes are really taking shape this time of year.  This will be the 3rd year for this block of the vineyard.  We’re going to have a great crop!  We’ve just finished our hedging and halfway through our leaf thinning chores in the vineyard.  Verasion will be setting in a month or so.  Time to get the netting out to keep the birds and squirrels out.  Speaking of birds, check out what I found, not once but twice!  Some sweet mama birds and taking refuge in our grapes and laying nests.  I hope these eggs have not been abandoned.  I showed the pics of the nests to a friend and they said, “wait, aren’t birds your nemesis?”.  He was right!  Guess I just don’t have it in me to move the nests elsewhere.  I will have to make sure they are gone before the netting though.

Aloha Hawaii, here comes Pamo Valley!

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So this is a happy yet sad post for me.  Our newest member of the PVW team (all of 4 months new!), our tasting specialist, has taken a new path in her life and will be leaving us to venture to Honolulu, Hawaii.  Dawna and her husband Adam have taken a new position in their career that leads them to this beautiful place on earth.  Do you blame them?  Adam is already in Hawaii and Dawna is tying up a few loose ends before her departure.  One of her loose ends was saying goodbye to her friends at PVW.  Mike and I spent the evening wine tasting, sushi eating, pool playing and celebrating with cocktails last night enjoying our last moments with Dawna.  This is one of those friendships where you develop a true, deep connection with someone so quickly and immediately you feel as if they are your best friend.  Dawna has agreed to stay on with us as our tasting specialist and will represent Pamo Valley wines in her new neighborhood, Honolulu!  We joked over drinks last night and tossed around the possibility of opening a PVW branch there.  Dawna agrees there is a  market for good wines in Hawaii.  If we are lucky, we’ll be seeing Dawna (and Adam?)  at our upcoming Annual Grape Stomp Festa in Julian at Menghini Winery the first week of September!  See, they miss San Diego already!  Cheers to Dawna and Adam and their new opportunity – All the best to you both!  We’ll miss you but will never lose touch!   Hugs, Jenn and Mike

Location, Location!!

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Pamo Valley’s NEW tasting room is located at 603 Main St., Ramona.  We’ve had a lot of feedback that we are not the easiest tasting room to find.  While we are located in the heart of Old Town Ramona directly on Main St. it may take a little effort for our newer visitors to find us at first.  Once you find us, we hope you will never forget!  Here we’ve posted some pictures, visuals, to help assist you with your search. If you ever get lost, you are welcome to call us at 760.271.3090 and we will be happy to guide you to us.

We are located at 603 Main Street at the corner of 6th Street and Main St. in Ramona, CA.

Many of our visitors say we are hard to find. As signage is difficult at our location, on Sunday, mid-day we put up a big sign in the back of my truck. We are hoping this will help you find us easier! Here we are competing with the babe in the blue bathing suit on the billboard to the left.

Here you can see we are near and across the famous Ramona Mainstage Concert Theatre and the Ramona Cafe.

We are next to the Ramona Cleaners. If you pass the Ramona Cleaners coming from any direction, you've gone too far!

We have a nice parking lot for our customers which requires our building to be set back from the street. We are in the same complex as Amber Ramirez Farmer Insurance.

Father’s Day at the Tasting Room!

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We had a great day at the tasting room on Father's Day! Here are two dad's, Paul and Mike, celebrating in style with their matching grape button up shirts purchased as gifts from our Gift Shop by their significant others. Aren't they cute!?!?

My dad got a pretty cool unexpected gift. He is a HUGE San Franciso Giants fan and we had Mrs. Craig and his two daughters, Teresa and Vicki come to the tasting room while their dad, Roger Craig was out golfing with the guys. They were kind enough to give my dad an autographed Roger Craig postcard. Very cool.

This is a picture of my rather large Lennox crystal wine glasses sitting on our bar made of champagne riddling racks and 1/2" think tempered glass. Ask us about the story behind the glass!

We had some old friends and new friends come out to taste some of our wines. Here we have folks from Borrego Springs, Idaho, Carlsbad, Pasadena and Ramona!

Towards the end of the day we got some happy visitors who just came from Salerno Winery, a few of them even joined our almost closed wine club!

Our biggest challenge at our new location is.... SIGNAGE. We are currently accepting any and all suggestions to help passer-bys notice us in our quaint little corner.

Day 2, Saturday – Opening Weekend!

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Today was another great day at PVW Tasting Room!  We made history in our first 2 days open.  Our youngest customer visited, under 2 months old.  We didn’t card him because he was sleeping and I doubt he had his ID on him because his pockets weren’t even big enough to carry one. So we let him slide this time. But we’ll have our eyes out for him next time he decides to pull a fast one and get by the security check!  His name is Ashton, the new baby boy of proud parents Josh and Justine!  Around 3:30 pm we had a good size group come in. I knew these classy folks weren’t from Ramona just by the way they were dressed to the 9’s! Nothing against Ramona, BTW.   Here we have Vicki, Amy, Kristine, Marty, Lisa (oops, she’s a Ramonan), Cindi, Shawndene and Orrin.  All the way from San Diego and Arizona!  Did I mention they are family?!

Grand Opening Day – June 17th!

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Welcome to my 2nd HOME!  This was taken first thing this morning on Opening Day from a very proud, emotional mother (the best mother ever!).  She’s so sweet, she took a break from work to sneak over and get a “First Day” picture.  Kind of reminds me of when she took my picture on my first day of kindergarten 35 years ago!  I couldnt have asked for a better day, weather wise.  The sky was clear, not a cloud in sight.  It was probably in the 70’s all day. Perfecto. No rain on this parade!

Mike and Jeff and baby Ashton Wyatt rest under the canopy taking a break from the free BBQ!  Mike had his smoker out cooking hotdogs and hamburgers – typical Ramona, “wine and hotdog pairings”!  We had lots of friends and locals stop by later in the day.  I’m glad we decided to open on Friday’s!  Seems a good wind down spot for people once they are ending their work week and beginning their weekends.  Jaye, Amber and Andrea share a few laughs and reminisce about their week.  We even had a few Ramona cowboys stop in!  Trophy Dan and his friend came by to taste a glass of Ramona.  Andrea, raising her glass behind the bar is in training to someday work at our tasting room.  Andrea and Paul own a small vineyard in Ramona planted in Cabernet Sauvignon.  We’ve been making wine from their grapes for the past two years.  Andrea reminds me that 2009 vintage should be ready soon!  I think she’s right, when will I ever find time to bottle!?!?  Tomorrow is day 2 of our opening weekend.  We’ll be open from 10-6 (possibly later, the crowd will tell) and we’ll be offering dogs and burgers again.  Come out and visit us, it’s going to be another beautiful day in Ramona!

Pre-Opening Wine Club Members!

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Our faithful wine club members were invited to attend a special pre-opening tonight. PVW expressed their appreciation by sharing  a variety of wines “on the house”.  Snacks, fun and mingling were abound.  Due to our limited production, our wine club membership is just about full.  We have approx 5 openings before it will max out.  After that we will have a waiting list.  Our members receive complimentary wine tastings for them and 1 guest, 10% off gift shop merchandise, 20% off wine bottle purchases and 30% off case purchases.  There is no cost to join. You will receive 2 bottles every quarter of our latest releases.  As we grow, we’ll offer various wine related events to our members.  Stop by this Friday – Sunday from 10am-6pm for our Grand Opening to the public!  We’ll have a complimentary BBQ out in the parking lot from noon on!  Hope to see you soon!  Jenn

Pre-Opening for RVVA Board Members

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Tonight we opened our doors for a special private event for the board members of the Ramona Valley Vineyard Association.  It was kind of a “sneak peak” and trial run for our official opening this Friday.  We received lots of great feedback from the board members in which we plan to implement.  Thank you board members for your support!  We look forward to seeing you and your family and friends in the near future!  Some of you even volunteered to help out behind the counter – we’ll definitely take you up on that!

New Tasting Room to Open Downtown

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New Tasting Room to Open Downtown

News from the tasting rooms.

County Supervisor Dianne Jacob (center) with Pamo Valley Winery wine cellar manager Mike Celaya (left) and winery owner Jennifer Jenkin (right) at the winery’s new tasting room after ribbon cutting ceremony on June 9. Carolyn Harris

Last December, in my column on Pamo Valley Winery, owner Jennifer Jenkin said she had her sights set on opening a tasting room in June 2011.

She’s true to her word. Pamo Valley’s tasting room will have its grand opening on Friday, June 17 at 603 Main St. in downtown Ramona.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held June 9, organized by the Ramona Chamber of Commerce, of which Jenkin is a member.

Helping to cut the ribbon was San Diego County Supervisor Dianne Jacob, a backer of the tiered winery ordinance and strong supporter of the county’s wine community.

How strong a supporter, you ask? She became the tasting room’s first customer.

“As soon as she walked in she hollered out, ‘I want to buy a bottle!’ ” said Jenkin.

For those who may be curious, Jacob purchased a bottle of Pamo Valley’s 2008 Indian Princess, a blend of 55 percent Syrah, 25 percent Cabernet Sauvignon, and 20 percent Petit Syrah, according to Jenkin.

Over the last few weeks Jenkin has been speaking of the “quaint little tasting room” she would be opening downtown.

“It’s tiny, 360 square feet,” Jenkin said of the building, which previously held a chiropractor’s office. The tasting room occupies the front section with a gift shop behind.

“It’s small, homey and comfortable. Sort of cellary, like a wine cellar,” Jenkin said.

The new tasting room is right at the intersection of Sixthand Main, across the street from the Ramona Mainstage Theater.

A lot of people had been asking about when she’d be opening for tastings, Jenkins said, especially after the County Superior Court upheld the Tiered Winery Ordinance in April. She’s hoping the grand opening will lead to more word of mouth. Her location will undoubtedly help that.

“I like that we’re kind of in the middle of things,” said Jenkin.

Neighboring businesses in addition to the Ramona Mainstage theater across the street include a bike shop, a frame store and a couple of small shopping centers. Jenkin said the owner of the Mainstage, which serves beer but not wine, told her he’d be happy to send people over.

Tasting room hours will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 10-6.