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$2,000-per-person Bordeaux tasting?!

$2,000-per-person Bordeaux tasting?!

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When I first saw this story, I couldn’t believe it would cost $2,000 for a “chance to sip premier 2005 vintage Bordeaux wines”.  That’s insane!

But the more I think about it, the more it makes sense.  You probably get to mingle with an industry expert, which is an opportunity you don’t get every day.  There’s also the opportunity to network with other folks in your industry, potentially making some really great relationships.  There’s the marketing opportunity that comes from attending the event – probably a good year of campaigns built around the knowledge and insight you gained at the event. 

Finally, funds will go to a good cause with the event providing “…scholarships for the Culinary Institute’s Rudd Center for Professional Wine Studies”.


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