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How to (Totally) Enjoy a Glass of Wine

How to (Totally) Enjoy a Glass of Wine

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Guest blogger, Wil Anderson, shares his thoughts on how to enjoy a glass of wine…


Savor NYWe headed down to our favorite wine bar down in the Lower East Side last week – SavorNY.  We luckily found SavorNY, kind of by accident, when a few friends were in town and I met them there.  It’s quite a trek from the Upper West Side, but it’s always well worth it.  

We certainly aren’t wine experts, but we do know when we’ve found a glass that we enjoy.  Coming from Northern California, and the wine country, we’ve certainly done our “research” into finding what we like (and more importantly, what we don’t like).

After our last visit, we started discussing why we liked SavorNY so much – I mean why not find a place around in the UWS instead ofmaking the effort to take a subway downtown that includes a healthy walk crosstown?  Here’s a short list that we came up with:

  • The restaurant itself is small, quiet, very clean, and very comfortable.  On Friday and Saturday nights, there are many excited bar hoppers outside, but you wouldn’t know that sitting inside.
  • The wine list is nice – nothing too wacky or expensive.
  • Craig, the owner, is an outstanding host.  The guy knows how to treat his customers, knows his wine, and is very unpretentious.  
  • The food is good – the one area that may need a bit of strengthening.  A nice “this wine goes great with this plate” would be perfect.  However, the assortment of food is wide and the flavors are nice.
All in all, it’s comfy and we’ll always go back.  We’d certainly take any of our family and/or friends there when they are in town. 



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