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You Were Ours! (A Valentine’s Day Memory)

You Were Ours! (A Valentine’s Day Memory)

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Our first Love Passport kicked off last week on Valentine’s Day, and we had such a great time!

Here are some memories of that fun day…

It was so much fun – I loved decorating the place out with tons of candles, red rose petals & red lacy hearts!

All the lights were dimmed and fun, jazzy blues music was streaming in the background.

The first couple arrived at 4:00PM and the last couple left around 8:30PM, with a bunch of couples in between.

Almost everyone was wearing red and black, and everyone was having so much fun!

Our pairing menu included:

  • White Wine: Muscat paired with cheesecake and fresh berries (and a drizzle of strawberry sauce)
  • Red Wine: Grenache paired with homemade chocolate brownies (and a drizzle of strawberry sauce)

Everyone had such a great time – we even headed up the street and joined our friends at SoCal at the end of the night!

– Jennifer Jenkin

Valentines at Pamo Valley Winery

Valentine’s Day at Pamo Valley Winery:
Jennifer J. Jenkin, Tina Lemay, Sally Westbrook

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  1. I, too, had a great time! Both locations were filled with warmth, good wine, yummy treats, but most of all, great people!! So happy be there with my hubby, my friends, and the new friendships that are blooming 🙂 Im looking forward to upcoming events filled with more wonderful memories to be made.

    BeeBee Wilson

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