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Winter is here, and so is your Pamo Valley Wine!

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January’s wine club delivery includes two bottles of JJJ Cellars ’09 Grenache – along with a special treat to help warm up: a fudge sampler from Fudge’N Around!



JJJ 2009 GrenacheFrom backyard barbecues to formal feasts, our 2009 Grenache will add finesse to any meal!

Lively aromas of strawberry, raspberry, and honeydew are accented by leather, tar, sangria and baking spices. The palate leads off with a decadent warm gingerbread. Sweet spices develop into strawberry, passion fruit and currant flavors. The finish has a velvety lushness of honey, vanilla, sugarplums and toasted oak.

This Grenache is best enjoyed in its youth, and can even be served slightly chilled if desired. Serve immediately after opening.



Our 2009 Grenache pairs well with grilled meats and veggies, light dishes with citrus seasoning, turkey with cranberry sauce, and spicy cuisines such as Indian or Thai food.



Fudge'N Around: Nuts & Fudge SamplerThe sampler contains four fudge pieces:

  • Chocolate
  • Chocolate with nuts
  • Vanilla
  • Vanilla with nuts

For more details, visit the Fudge’N Around website.


If you are a current member, you shoud have received details on your Winter Selection.


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