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After work, work…

After work, work…

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I wanted to show a picture of the actual ‘test’ Salvia Splendens planted in our vineyard. Again, we only planted 4 of them and we planted them on the inside of the endposts (for this side anyway).  I believe for the opposite side we will plant them on the outside of the endposts.  It’s a ‘space’ issue. 

Anyhow, after work yesterday I was on a mission to finish my red ant killing.  We have a serious (well, not too serious but serious enough) ant problem in the vineyard.  John told us about some ant killer that’s like food granules and you sprinkle it around the ant hole and they take it down the hole and it wipes out the nest’s in that area.  So sure enough, that’s what I did and that’s what the product did! The product is from Spectracide called Triazicide. 


We noticed while walking the vineyard last night that there appears to be some kind of minimal moss growth around the water area.  We are watering about an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening.  With this heat, we cant afford not to water them in fear of losing them. Especially at this young of age.  So we got a hoe and started to lightly plow around the vine to loosen up soil and it looks to be fine.


Overall the vineyard is turning out to be a great project for us.  It’s been very cooperative and we hope it remains to do so!  Mike is still working on getting those t-posts and the tension wire up, it’s a big job!  See the progress?






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