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Today we bottled our 2008 Syrah and 2008 Red Blend currently named Passion.  Ultimately we will have to rename Passion to something else as it has already been registered.  Passion came about during the wine making festivities in 2008, during the blending phase.  Passion is a blend of Petite Sirah, Syrah, Merlot and a small percentage of Viognier.  Our bottling crew (Mike Celaya, Sal Garcia, Adam & Dawna Ertel) assured me these wines were pretty “yummy”.  Hmmm… wonder if that name has been taken?  Yummy.  Today we bottled roughly 550 bottles in 2 hours – a record breaker for Pamo Valley!  This will wrap it up for our 2008’s which will now get some more rest in the bottle for up to another 6 months or more before being released.  The life of wine is sure good, all that resting time!

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