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Father’s Day at the Tasting Room!

Father’s Day at the Tasting Room!

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We had a great day at the tasting room on Father's Day! Here are two dad's, Paul and Mike, celebrating in style with their matching grape button up shirts purchased as gifts from our Gift Shop by their significant others. Aren't they cute!?!?

My dad got a pretty cool unexpected gift. He is a HUGE San Franciso Giants fan and we had Mrs. Craig and his two daughters, Teresa and Vicki come to the tasting room while their dad, Roger Craig was out golfing with the guys. They were kind enough to give my dad an autographed Roger Craig postcard. Very cool.

This is a picture of my rather large Lennox crystal wine glasses sitting on our bar made of champagne riddling racks and 1/2" think tempered glass. Ask us about the story behind the glass!

We had some old friends and new friends come out to taste some of our wines. Here we have folks from Borrego Springs, Idaho, Carlsbad, Pasadena and Ramona!

Towards the end of the day we got some happy visitors who just came from Salerno Winery, a few of them even joined our almost closed wine club!

Our biggest challenge at our new location is.... SIGNAGE. We are currently accepting any and all suggestions to help passer-bys notice us in our quaint little corner.

2 comments on “Father’s Day at the Tasting Room!
  1. Jeanne on said:

    tried to make it up yesterday but lost track of time working on Ramona/Julian Academy of Dance pictures I took last weekend. Trying to get them ready to send off to printers! I’m getting too old for this! Glad you had a great opening weekend! Guess we’ll have to save our visit until next week! Still have room for one more wine club fan?

  2. Paul Stykel on said:

    What a nice wine tasting room you opened for all of us to enjoy. Pamo Valley Winery will be another great destination place for Ramona! I know we will be stopping often.
    Paul Stykel

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