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Granny’s Vineyard – Christmas Rose Unveiling!

Granny’s Vineyard – Christmas Rose Unveiling!

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Welcome 2008 Ellie Mae Rose!  On Christmas day we unveiled our first ever exempler bottle of blush wine.  These Syrah grapes (pressed on the skins to make a pink wine) were harvested from my grandma’s, mom’s and stepdad’s property.  The ranch is named Serendipity Ranch and Granny’s Vineyard in honor of Mrs. Ellie Whitcomb.  We harvested these grapes on August 23, 2008.  We picked a small lot of about 200 lbs at 24.5% brix.  This ended up making about 10 gallons or 4+ cases.  The Ellie Mae Rose was an experimental wine being our first “pink” wine to produce, which ended up turning out very nice!  We will continue in years to come to harvest and produce Ellie Mae Rose from this vineyard.  Also planted are Tempranillo which have a few more years of establishing before becoming of quality to make wine from.  A family bottling party is planned January 25, 2009 to bottle the remaining 4+ cases.  This small batch is intended for personal, friends and family use.  Eventually when the vineyard is able to produce enough volume, we will be able to sell this wine commercially.


Christmas Cheers to the 2008 Ellie Mae Rose!  Jeff made a 2009 calendar detailing the progress of the vineyard on the backside as well as the seasons of the ranch and special occassions for each month.  We also watched a picture video of the progress of the vineyard being built from start to finish, including the making of the wine.

Pictured left/Jennifer, Ellie, Don, Sharon and Jeff.




These are the grapes we harvested to make the Ellie Mae Rose 5 months ago!  It seems like yesterday.  We started picking around 7am and finished around 10am.  We didnt finish the crushing and pressing until well into the day.

Pictured are left/grandma Ellie, middle/stepdad Jeff, right/mom Sharon.  Also helping on this day were my boyfriend/Mike, grandmas boyfriend/Don and winemaker/John.

See you grapes next year!


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