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Merlot Harvest – Sept. 4th!

Merlot Harvest – Sept. 4th!

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Report form Escondido Sunrise Vineyard – 8/28/11

After three full days of hot weather, our grapes are getting close to the perfect brix for picking.    Please mark your calendars for Sunday, September 4th , 7am for our harvest.   We will be sending additional details of the harvest later this week.

Mike and Nancy Dunlap, Escondido Sunrise Vineyard


Report from Escondido Sunrise Vineyard 8/25/11:

The Grape Vine

Hello Grape Enthusiasts, Winemakers, and Mystified Recipients,

Things are running along quickly.  The sugar levels are rising.  The grapes are moving towards achieving “ripeness”.  The question is always “When will they be ready to harvest?”

Mother Nature is in complete control.  The sugar level a few days ago was 22.3 brix.  That’s good.  Pretty much right on point with the readings for past years.

If things are as they were previously, we will have harvest on the Sunday over Labor Day weekend.  But, Mother Nature doesn’t give us as much notice as we would prefer.

So, we will watch, measure and send out updates more and more frequently as the date gets closer.

We love harvest.  It is always so much fun to see our friends picking, plucking, squeezing and enjoy a selection of our wines.  This year will be no different.

More soon.

Michael & Nancy Dunlap

4 comments on “Merlot Harvest – Sept. 4th!
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  2. I don’t have a comment but I have a question. I know that I missed the last harvest on Sept 3. Do you know if there will be another event soon? Also, the Dunlaps offer a class in Home Vineyard out of CSU San Marcos at the Sunrise Vineyard. Will they be offering that class again? If so, when? Do they allow the public to stop by to check out their vineyard?

  3. Mike Dunlap on said:

    We just harvested the last of our 2011 grapes this past Saturday. Our class participated in the picking and then the crushing and destemming. Our class this coming Saturday will involve pressing last weekend’s grapes and instruction on winemaking. As we are trying to time the class to allow the participants to experience getting their hands dirty with each aspect of the harvest, making and bottling wine we will not be able to offer another class until next fall. Give the university a call if you want to jump in.

    Visitors are welcome. If you call first, we can confirm that we will be home.

    Mike Dunlap
    760 715-9984

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