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My Other Hobby…

My Other Hobby…

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While we continue to finish the trellising structure on our new vineyard, I keep busy with my other gardening hobby. I get total satisfaction and enjoyment out of watching my flower and vegetable garden grow in our shaded black clothed room. I like to plant from seeds and watch them develop.  Eventually when they are mature enough I will put them in the ground in the garden up by the house.  Here I’ve planted some herbs, sweet basil (top) and cilantro (bottom) only a week or two ago and they are already sprouting. My second batch of lavendar and first batch of mint are a little slower to appear.

And of course my favorite of the mixed tomatos (bottom left)!  No salmonella in these babies!  Although I did find some nasty tomato hornworms in my tomatos planted in the garden yesterday. I picked off about 20 of the nasty critters and sprayed the plants with some bug killer.  Looks to have solved the problem for now.






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