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Pink wine anyone?

Pink wine anyone?

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White Syrah Fermenting or as I like to say "cooking"!

Today was a good day.  Mom, Jeff, Grandma, Don and I picked less than half (the 2nd half will be for making a red Syrah) of the Syrah vineyard this morning to begin the making of our very first White Syrah (yes, that’s a rose… or blush… or pink wine).  Everyone in the family likes a blush wine and blush wine is a good seller at local events so I thought, what the heck, we are going to make a pink this year.  And not a dry pink, but a fruity pink.  We got to try out the new crusher/destemmer and the new 180L bladder press = SWEET.  New equipment sure makes life easier. 🙂  I’m thinking this vintage could have something to say about remembering 9/11.  Something to think about anyway.  Hey, right away, on picking grapes from the 3rd plant today, I got stung by a dang bee on the inside of my pinky finger. Not a pleasant start to the day, but I didnt let the bee ruin my day, I stomped on it. Its day/life just ended, mine was just beginning.  I sure love this time of year.  Our first harvest this year, 9/5/10, of Granny’s Tempranillo (that’s my Grandma, Ellie Whitcomb) and Glory Ridge Ranch Tempranillo (Pam, my tax lady and good friend) has almost completed fermentation.  I took Monday off from my day job (let me give a plug to Ramona Self Storage) and Mike doesn’t know it yet, but we are going to press this Tempranillo which I will refer to as G&G Temp.  Tomorrow morning, we will begin harvesting a portion of Tom’s Temp. Yes, another Tempranillo vineyard. Tom lives just down the road from me which is very convenient, it’s all about being local and how much more local can you get than that?  We do a lot of business on Black Canyon & Magnolia Roads!  I’m partaking (as part of the entertainment) in a local 9/11 Town Hall Fundraising Event tonight so I need to rest up and prepare for a busy morning tomorrow!

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