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San Dimas Wine Shop & Tasting Room

San Dimas Wine Shop & Tasting Room

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The San Dimas Wine Shop and Tasting Room is within walking distance from dad and Karen’s place on 3rd St.  I remember when the owner, Heidi, first opened her shop. I was so excited for her.  I later brought down some Pamo Valley Wine for her to try in hopes of getting into her store but also to get her feedback on the wines in general.  She had tried our 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon several years ago on the patio with a friend of hers.  She was very pleased with this wine, in fact, this is the wine that won us an award at the National Women’s Wine Comp.  Sadly I did not produce enough of this wine and what little I had left, I was going to hold onto. In fact, I have one single bottle left in my private stash. The second to last bottle I opened was amazing.

I’ve been following Heidi a little here and there with updates on how her business is doing through my dad and Karen who are residents of San Dimas.  It seems over the years she’s gone through some hurdles with the county, etc which I totally sympathize with her.  I love that she has stuck through it and every time I drive by, she always has lots of people in her store which makes me happy that another wine loving woman has succeeded in following through with her passion!  Cheers to you Heidi!

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