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Wine Tasting @ Salerno’s Day 1!

Wine Tasting @ Salerno’s Day 1!

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Third stop of the day was Salerno’s.  Here are Herman and Rose   Salerno in their outdoor tasting room, happily sharing samples of their award winning wines.  Not only do they have amazing wines, they have a great atmosphere, probably the best yet in Ramona.  Outdoor seating, great views of the mountains and the vineyards.  There is so much excitement in the air and lots and lots of friendly people.  You will always meet someone new at this winery, guaranteed.  Herman has a big screen TV outside that always seems to have soccer on..guess he’s a soccer fanatic!  Here he was discussing how he keeps his dried oregano and the importance of not breaking the dried oregano until it is ready for use.  You just roll it between your fingers and sprinkle it on whatever your choice of food is, say garlic bread, pizza, spaghetti sauce, you name it.  I’m bummed because I left my little freebie baggie of oregano that he gave me behind. 🙁   Herman has always been a good guy for the wine community. Very generous in sharing his wine making secrets and giving great tips.  I hear they do a great “Sunday @ Salerno’s”.  So we are going to wrap it up on this day and come back tomorrow to have our “down the hill” friends experience the famous Sunday @ Salerno’s.

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